Introduction of Artificial Intelligence in Apple’s new Smart Phone

Another Breakthrough in Customer Satisfaction using Artificial Intelligence ( AI )

If recent reports are to be believed, the world's pioneer company in computing technology, Appple, has entered the space of Artificial Intelligence, better known as AI.
The company has purchased a San Diego based startup "Emotient" which uses the Artificial Intelligence to read the people's emotions by analyzing facial expressions or movements. This would be a path breaking technology for advertisers, for they could now, gauge the sentiments of their target segment samples just by observing their reactions.
The acquired start-up's officials also revealed, on the condition of anonymity, that the AI technology was also used by medics in gauging the signs of pains in patients unable to explain themselves.

No doubt that given the wide scope of AI, many bigwigs of the Silicone Valley are racing against time to develop new devices which can be of use in bettering the lives of people.