WhatsApp New Delete for Everyone feature

Today WhatsApp is one of the most common mobile application ,this app comes pre installed in alomost all mobiles.As we know by this App we send SMS,messages,images,videos freely on mobile.From its first released WhatsApp has released many updates. 
Recently WhatsApp announces its new update with Delete for everyone features. 

Now What is delete for evereyone feature ? 

In a very simple words it is an undo function of WhatsApp. Earlier there is no function in WhatsApp by which you can recall or delete message sent accidentally. For E.g. you are sending message to your friend "My wife eats too much " instead of your friend this messages is sent  to your wife, now you delete the message from your phone but it not delete this from your wife's phone.In this situation you should be very smart to handle the situation or you pray to God that your wife's phone would get damaged.But with delete for everyone everyone feature delete the message from your as well as from your wife's mobile. Here is the video demonstrating Delete for everyone features of WhatsApp.