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1.Diwali 2015 Funny Message in Hindi

DIWALI पे सबसे अनुरोध है : 

हैप्पी DIWALI वाले मैसेज और फोटो केवल एक बार भेजें ।

वो भी DIWALI से एक दिन पहले या DIWALI वाले दिन……..

पहले से 

‘Happy Diwali in Adv.’ 

भेज के अपनी डेढ़ या सवाई होशीयारी का परिचय न दें।।

और हाँ ,,, शर्म के मारे बता नहीं पाया था कि पिछली बार आपकी हार्दिक शुभ कामनाओं से मेरा कोई भी भला नहीं हुआ था ।

कम से कम एक बार कैश भेज कर देखिए।

2.Diwali Funny Joke on Bruce Lee

Bittu to Abhi:  ” what is Bruce Lee’s
 Favorite festival?”
Abhi didnt know
Bittu:  “Diwa Lee”
Bittu:  “What does Bruce Lee have
 outside his home during Diwlai?”
Again Abhi silent
Bittu:  “Rango Lee”
Bittu: “what did Bruce Lee give
his sister as a gift?”
Abhi Confused
Bittu:  “chaniya cho lee”

 3.Diwali 2015 Latest Funny Joke

Your eyes shimmer like a Phuljharri;
Your nose as shapely as an Anaar;
Your ears as beautiful as Chakari;
Your eyebrows shapely like a Pencil; Hair braided like a beautiful Larri;
Your personality takes off like a Rocket;
And your body is simply a Bomb.
Happy Diwali to a scintillating Patakha!

4.Verry Funny Diwali SMS

Aapki Diwali Mangalmaye Ho..
Kintu Parantu ..I know its 2 early
Bt I have thousands of beauties, hotties and smarties to wish…
So I thougnt to finish AunTies & UncLes 1st

5.Diwali 2015 Funny SMS

This Diwali I M Sending You CASH:

6.Diwali 2015 Funny Bomb Messages

This SMS will EXPLODE in 5 seconds….


7.Latest very Funny Diwali SMS

Instead of burning a phataka 
Date a phataka !

Have an eco-friendly diwali 😁

Applicable to un-married only!

Coz married people are already living with a Nuclear Bomb 

8.Happy Diwali Funny Messages
 Rocket - Rs. 90
 Bomb - Rs. 70
 Anaar - Rs. 85
 Fuljaddi - Rs. 45
 Chakri - Rs. 130
 Total = Rs. 420........
 It's a completely wastage of money.
 BLENDER PRIDE or SIGNATURE (RED) + Tandoori Chicken = Maximum Rs. 750
 Khoob Khao aur Peeyo... Patakhe Khud Bajenge.
 Have a Peggy and Leggy Diwali!